Rolled Threads management has a strong commitment to continuously improving company processes and procedures to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Lean management allows us, taking the customer’s point of view, to identify what is of value and then analyze all of our processes and eliminate anything that doesn’t add value. The active elimination of non value-added waste allows us to accelerate the flow of both materials and administrative information, providing our customer with their product cheaper, faster, and with higher quality than our competitors. This approach also allows us the flexibility to better respond to customers’ changing needs.

As the core of our lean journey, Rolled Threads uses the “5S” system. Sorting, Straightening, Shining, Scheduling, and Sustaining has allowed us to improve quality and productivity while propelling us toward our goal of becoming model suppliers for our customers. This system also allows our greatest resource, our employees, to get actively involved in finding creative ways to improve our business and their workspace through Kaizen events and daily implantation of 5S.