Standard 60 degree “V” form threads, otherwise known as unified threads, are the most commonly used threads on bolts, nuts and a wide variety of other fasteners. Unified threaded bar and threaded fasteners are available as coarse thread (UNC) and fine thread (UNF) series. Thread pitches can range from 4 threads per inch to 100 threads per inch and finer with mill or custom bar lengths up to 40 feet. Rolled Threads Unlimited carries over 1,300 sets of unified thread rolling dies for in-feed and thru-feed applications in a wide variety of thread pitches and finish diameters.


  • ASME B1.1
  • SAE AS8879

Fasteners for demanding applications are often specified with the UNJ thread form. The defining characteristic of a J form thread is the controlled and more generous radius root which enhances fatigue resistance of fasteners. Applications often include aerospace and engine hardware. Rolled Threads carries an extensive collection of UNJ thread rolling dies to meet your specifications.

Unified UNJ threads are offered in four different types of pitches including

  • Coarse pitches
  • Fine pitches
  • Extra fine pitches
  • Constant pitches