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Since our founding in 1985, Rolled Threads Unlimited has established a reputation in the metals industry as a premier thread rolling job shop with unsurpassed expertise and the broadest range of capabilities. We produce fully threaded bar, custom machined parts, fully threaded and double ended studs, bolts, lead screws and specialty fasteners. You can send us your parts for threading, too. Rolled Threads Unlimited is capable of thread rolling carbon and alloy steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to thread roll super alloys, aerospace grades, non-standard stainless, titanium, and nickel alloys with hardness of 40 Rockwell and higher. We utilize a full array of processing including grinding, bending, heat treating, testing and machining to exacting specifications.

Rolled Threads has steadily increased sales and production every year since being purchased by F. W. Ladky Associates in 2001. Family owned and operated, F. W. Ladky Associates was founded in 1919 and is currently four generations strong, specializing in steel products sales.

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