Lead Screws

Photo of Rolled Threads Unlimited Lead Screws


Lead Screws

Expertise in rolling acme, trapezoidal, unified, or metric threads for lead screw applications.

Lead screws, also known as power screws or translation screws, convert a turning motion into linear motion. Rolled Threads Unlimited serves the linear motion industry, small motor industry, and other markets with lead screws. Capabilities include right and left hand, multiple leads, and custom forms with lead accuracy to .005" per foot and straightness to .001" per inch.

Example of a steel lead screw.

Rolled Threads Unlimited excels in the production of high-quality threaded lead screws, utilizing top-tier metal alloys to ensure precision, durability, and optimal performance in diverse industrial applications.

Three-Column Layout


Carbon & alloy steel
Stainless steel
Heated treated alloy

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1/4-16 Acme Quad Start rods are used for lead screws in linear actuator assemblies


Lead Screws

Rolled Threads Unlimited can roll both piece parts and threaded rods with multiple starts. These 1/4-16 acme quad start rods are used for lead screws in linear actuator assemblies for small electric motors.