Trapezoidal Threads

Trapezoidal threads have a 15-degree flank angle, compared to the acme form's 14.5-degree flank angle. The trapezoidal product is metric and rolled in diameters from 4mm to 170mm and pitches ranging from 1mm to 14mm. Precision lead screw applications are accommodated by lead accuracy as close as 7µm per 25mm and straightness to .001" per inch.

Graphic of a Rolled Threads Unlimited Trapezoidal Profile

Carbon steel, heat treated alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, and nickel alloy can be rolled in trapezoidal forms up to 40 feet long, with right- or left-handed thread angles. Rolled Threads Unlimited follows an ISO metric profile for trapezoidal threaded products.


Close-up of a Rolled Threads Unlimited Trapezoidal Fastener


Trapezoidal Threads

This item is an M16 multiple start trapezoidal rod constructed of low carbon steel. We often sell trapezoidal rods to machine shops that take care of further machining operations.

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Our Thread Forms

Rolled Threads Unlimited provides an assortment of both common and uncommon thread types. We offer products with diameters ranging from .035" to 7.5" and thread pitch capabilities ranging from 2 threads per inch to more than 100 threads per inch. Combined with the ability to roll both hardened and stainless steels, versatility is truly our hallmark.