Acme Threads

Acme threads produce a traversing motion on machines and tools. The acme product is rolled in diameters from 1/8” to 7 1/2” and lengths to 40 feet. Right-handed and left-handed acme bar and acme threaded rod are available, as well as multiple leads, stub acme forms, and classes 2C, 2G, 3C, & 3G. Precision lead screw applications are accommodated by lead accuracy as close as .003" per foot and straightness to .001" per inch.

Diagram of a Rolled Threads Unlimited Acme Profile

Carbon steel, heat treated alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, and nickel alloy can be rolled in acme forms. Rolled Threads Unlimited stocks over 400 sets of acme thread rolling dies designed for both in-feed and thru-feed applications, covering a broad spectrum of thread pitches and finish diameters.


Photo of Rolled Threads Unlimited Acme Fastener


Acme Threads

The part shown here is utilized by a domestic customer who uses 1" multiple start acme rods to facilitate linear motion for lifting applications across both horizontal and vertical planes.

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Our Thread Forms

Rolled Threads Unlimited provides an assortment of both common and uncommon thread types. We offer products with diameters ranging from .035" to 7.5" and thread pitch capabilities ranging from 2 threads per inch to more than 100 threads per inch. Combined with the ability to roll both hardened and stainless steels, versatility is truly our hallmark.