Unified Threads

Standard 60-degree “V” form threads, otherwise known as unified threads, are the most commonly used threads on bolts, nuts, and a wide variety of other fasteners.

Diagram of a Rolled Threads Unlimited Unified Profile

Unified threaded bar and threaded fasteners are available as coarse thread (UNC) and fine thread (UNF) series. Thread pitches can range from 4 threads per inch to 100 threads per inch and finer, with mill or custom bar lengths up to 40 feet. Rolled Threads Unlimited carries more than 1,300 sets of unified thread rolling dies for in-feed and thru-feed applications in a wide variety of thread pitches and finish diameters.


UNJ threads are of the same form as unified threads. However, the UNJ profile has a controlled root radius with an increased minor diameter to improve strength and reduce stress. UNJ threads are commonly used in critical applications that require additional fatigue resistance.

Unified and UNJ threads are offered in four types of pitches, including:

Coarse pitches
Fine pitches
Extra fine pitches
Constant pitches


SAE AS8879
Example of full-threaded studs with unified profile


Unified Threads

We commonly manufacture ASTM A193 B7 full threaded studs with dog points for our oil and gas customers, like this 1-3/8-8 UN 3A fit stud.

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Our Thread Forms

Rolled Threads Unlimited provides an assortment of both common and uncommon thread types. We offer products with diameters ranging from .035" to 7.5" and thread pitch capabilities ranging from 2 threads per inch to more than 100 threads per inch. Combined with the ability to roll both hardened and stainless steels, versatility is truly our hallmark.