Worm Threads

Our thread rolling offerings are built on a foundation that includes custom-engineered or standard worms designed for gearing, valve, or power transmission applications. Pitch diameters range from .0625″ thru 4″ with diametrical pitch (DP) capabilities from 5 DP thru 64 DP. Pressure angles include 14.5, 20, and 25 degrees.

Graphic of a Rolled Threads Unlimited Worm Profile

All worm forms can be rolled with right- or left-handed threads and/or multiple starts. Rolled Threads Unlimited can provide worms in 12-foot lengths or machined to your blueprint specifications. More than 200 sets of worm and DP thread rolling dies are available at Rolled Threads Unlimited, catering to in-feed and thru-feed applications with an extensive array of thread pitches and finish diameters.


ANSI / AGMA 2111-A98 (metric and standard)


Carbon & alloy steel
Stainless steel
Example of a specialty fastener with an 8dp worm thread


Worm Threads

Pictured is an 8 DP Worm thread fastener, machined from a full threaded rod and heat treated to Rc 26-30. This piece is used in the gear box assembly for a piece of heavy duty agricultural equipment.

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Our Thread Forms

Rolled Threads Unlimited provides an assortment of both common and uncommon thread types. We offer products with diameters ranging from .035" to 7.5" and thread pitch capabilities ranging from 2 threads per inch to more than 100 threads per inch. Combined with the ability to roll both hardened and stainless steels, versatility is truly our hallmark.

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