Metric Threads

Rolled Threads Unlimited follows ISO metric screw thread standards to roll the common “V” form 60-degree thread profile. Our metric rolling capabilities range from 2mm thru 160mm in diameter and .4mm to 8mm threads, with both M and MJ profiles. Classes of fit include 4e, 4g, 4h, 6e, 6g, 6h, and modified dimensions as well.

Graphic of a Rolled Threads Unlimited Metric Profile

Like all threaded products provided by Rolled Threads Unlimited, metric threads are available with multiple starts and/or right- or left-handed threads. We have the tooling available to make metric sizes in almost all of the coarse and fine thread pitches. Threaded bar and rod are also available in metric forms. With a selection exceeding 350 sets, Rolled Threads Unlimited offers metric thread rolling dies suitable for in-feed and thru-feed applications, encompassing a diverse range of thread pitches and finish diameters.


Photo of a Rolled Threads Unlimited Metric Fastener


Metric Threads

The photo shown is of an M24 x 3 socket head cap screw sent in by a customer in the oil and gas industry for thread rolling. The material is ASTM A193 B7.

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Our Thread Forms

Rolled Threads Unlimited provides an assortment of both common and uncommon thread types. We offer products with diameters ranging from .035" to 7.5" and thread pitch capabilities ranging from 2 threads per inch to more than 100 threads per inch. Combined with the ability to roll both hardened and stainless steels, versatility is truly our hallmark.