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At Rolled Threads Unlimited, we serve a variety of industries with a uniform commitment to product quality and customer service. And if your industry is not listed below, we are confident that we can—and will—meet your needs.

In every instance, customers work with us because they desire strong, high-quality fasteners that are fully traceable and made with precision. Our team’s deep pool of experience helps bring a measure of stability and confidence to every engagement. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction, from on-time deliveries to manufacturing defect-free products.

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Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industry is a critical component of a rapidly growing energy economy with massive global influence. Rolled Threads Unlimited provides fasteners for all processes within the industry, such as exploration, extraction, refinement, and transportation.

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Water Control

Rolled Threads Unlimited manufactures the highest-caliber fasteners for water control gates and related equipment used in the water/wastewater industry and other water control systems. Our threaded components offer sustainable solutions and meet a variety of needs.

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Power Gen

As the backbone of the industrial world, the electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution industry covers a wide range of products and facility types. Rolled Threads Unlimited provides a variety of products used in commercial generators, welding generators, transformers, and other backup power systems.

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The agriculture industry is vital to ensuring the food security of every region and nation. Agriculture is also a significant part of the world economy and especially important to our home state of Wisconsin. Rolled Threads Unlimited proudly provides fasteners for the heavy machinery often used in this critical space.

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Mining equipment is designed to dig, drill, and load solid metals and minerals under rigorous working conditions. Rolled Threads Unlimited provides high-strength tie rods, piston rods, and other specialty fasteners for hydraulic cylinders, plus other necessary fasteners best able to withstand this challenging environment.

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Construction workers not only build new structures, they also perform routine maintenance and required updates. Rolled Threads Unlimited’s fasteners support these endeavors in a variety of ways, whether for erecting buildings, heavy and civil engineering development, or specialty trade contractors.

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With transit options for numerous sectors of the economy—industrial, wholesale, retail, and resources—freight railroads play a fundamental role in economic growth. Rolled Threads Unlimited contributes to this effort by producing essential items such as valve stems, braking systems, and turnbuckle applications.

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The aerospace industry is instrumental in advancing technological frontiers, driving innovation, and connecting the world. Rolled Threads Unlimited delivers the reliability and durability needed to ensure the integrity of aircraft and spacecraft structures, minimizing the risk of mechanical failures and enhancing overall safety.

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