Custom engineered or standard worms for gearing, valve, or power transmission applications are one of the cornerstones of our thread rolling offerings. Pitch diameters range from .0625″ thru 4″ with diametrical pitch (DP) capabilities from 5 DP thru 64 DP. Pressure angles include 14.5, 20, and 25 degrees. All worm forms can be rolled with right or left hand threads and/or multiple starts. We can provide worms in 12 foot lengths or machined to your blueprint specifications. Rolled Threads Unlimited carries over 200 sets of worm and DP thread rolling dies for infeed and thru-feed applications in a wide variety of thread pitches and finish diameters.


  • ANSI / AGMA 2111-A98 (metric and standard)


  • Carbon & alloy steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminum